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Yes, very. I had Klipshe Cornwalls as my first high end speakers when I was 18.(unfortunately on a 200 watt Kenwood), Missions didn't cure me of that, but Yamaha NS500's berillium tweeters did. Unfortunately beryllium was too hard to find so Titanium got the nod for detail and aluminum for overall as second best. Aluminum ribbons, Raven 2's were the nicest. Gratto makes great cartridges, but the headphones are said to be uncomfortable. Again, personal, I've never tried them. I had to design wiring harnesses for a guy who had push-pull mono for his headphone rig. 4 headphone amps for his listening. His headphone collection was priced like beginner audiofile pre-amps. But I like a little roll off on these mp3 players for the compression artifacts and the tiny circuits.

On Mon, 17 Mar 2014, Chris Smart wrote:

I love how personal this stuff is. I've always liked horns although now I favor ribbon tweeters.

Anyway, for serious listening, I think Grado SR80's and up are the way to go for large open-backed headphones. No part of the spectrum is hyped and the midrange sounds especially natural.

At 03:12 PM 3/17/2014, you wrote:
In high end audio circles, the Sehns are considered the strong low end. I mean folks who will pay $1000 or $2000 will tell you it's a good start to go with the Sehn open air design in their 650's. So saying that, which needs no rebuttle, I will add personally that I have a set of Sehns that were about $129 and are now selling at about $80. I like them. I like the Nakamichi's better, but they are delicately built, and aren't full surround. I will also say you'd have to go a good bit higher to get more clarity and dynamics out of AKG which are well known as studio. I've not tried these Sehns, but would give them a listen at that price. I don't like the ear-plug type as I can hear my breathing, and a throat-clearing can be emmensely loud.
but, the Apple earpods are not bad at $29 on amazon.
Laz sells a really inexpensive set that are well suited to the tiny mp3 players. They are softer on the highs, (reduces shrill) and are not trying to be a bass monster. I use them anywhere that the recordings may turn out to be shrill due to being an old, poor, low bit, or sibalant recording from a unit of the "under ipod" level. Just mho, a ribbon tweeter, electro stat, high end solid state fan. (meaning I don't like horns)

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> hello Jacob. alan from new York city in the u.s. did you say they were > $45 u.s.? also can they stand loud i mean loud music or are they > delicate?
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> > > Recently got given a set of really good quality earphones by a guy am > doing a bit of work for, as a form of thanks, and while had just told > him I'd want, specifically in-ear/ear canal earphones, he got me a set > of some rather expensive ones, Sennheiser CX302 - and I say they're > rather expensive, since the local pricing for them seems to be > roundabout ZAR485 = +- USD45, but, first thing you notice, aside from > their feature of surrounding noise cancellation, is just the > quality/clarity of their output. > > As in, although while listening to songs/music you know well enough from > before, some of the levels of detail, clarity, etc., are just wow! > > And, in case relevant, here's the one local product page for these > earphones - along with a bit of their specification:
>   https://www.mercurymusic.co.za/Sennheiser-CX300II-Black-Ear-Canal-Phones
> > high passive attenuation of ambient noise
>    Frequency response (headphones)    19 - 20000 Hz
>    Impedance    16 Ω
>   Sound pressure level (SPL)    113 dB
>    Jack plug    3.5 mm (angled)
>    Cable length    1.2 m
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