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Couldn't find the article.
But, I've built with Manger drivers as in the MBL speakers, and put Raven
ribbons above 10k.
I've auditioned Accoustats, and electrostats, the 6ft by 1 ft oddities.
I first heard Appogy in around 1984 and didn't like the tonal but liked the
inner detail.
Later there were the panels above an 8 or 10 inch sub.
The 24db networks for ribbons are a pain to get into the box, but the ribbons
are so worth it. I wish I could afford the Raven 3.
There was a company called "something force" (not nuforce, I just can't remember
the name) who made an affordable hybred ribbon/panel. Reasonably priced, sounded
like a ribbon with the handling of a panel. 
My buddy at The Cable Company is a Magna-Pan fan.
I'm running a Diappolito of a LPG titanium over scan speak 8's with an NHT12 on
each side.
Works for now.

I really do think Laz's little earbuds deal with the mp3 player's well.

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If you get a chance, check out Adam Audio 
monitors for their  accelerated ribbon technology tweeters.

Four times the efficiency and much greater 
dispersion than traditional designs. Less breakup, better cooling...

Here's a review of the A7X's I went for:

That's a two-way design. The A77X is a comparable three-way design.

At 12:08 PM 3/18/2014, you wrote:
>Yes, very. I had Klipshe Cornwalls as my first 
>high end speakers when I was 18.(unfortunately 
>on a 200 watt Kenwood), Missions didn't cure me 
>of that, but Yamaha NS500's berillium tweeters 
>did. Unfortunately beryllium was too hard to 
>find so Titanium got the nod for detail and 
>aluminum for overall as second best. Aluminum 
>ribbons, Raven 2's were the nicest.
>Gratto makes great cartridges, but the 
>headphones are said to be uncomfortable. Again, 
>personal, I've never tried them.
>I had to design  wiring harnesses for a guy who 
>had push-pull mono for his headphone rig. 4 
>headphone amps for his listening. His headphone 
>collection was priced like beginner audiofile pre-amps.
>But I like a little roll off on these mp3 
>players for the compression artifacts and the tiny circuits.
>On Mon, 17 Mar 2014, Chris Smart wrote:
>>I love how personal this stuff is. I've always 
>>liked horns although now I favor ribbon tweeters.
>>Anyway, for serious listening, I think Grado 
>>SR80's and up are the way to go for large 
>>open-backed headphones. No part of the spectrum 
>>is hyped and the midrange sounds especially natural.
>>At 03:12 PM 3/17/2014, you wrote:
>>>In high end audio circles, the Sehns are 
>>>considered the strong low end. I mean folks 
>>>who will pay $1000 or $2000 will tell you it's 
>>>a good start to go with the Sehn open air 
>>>design in their 650's. So saying that, which 
>>>needs no rebuttle, I will add personally that 
>>>I have a set of Sehns that were about $129 and 
>>>are now selling at about $80. I like them. I 
>>>like the Nakamichi's better, but they are 
>>>delicately built, and aren't full surround.
>>>I will also say you'd have to go a good bit 
>>>higher to get more clarity and dynamics out of 
>>>AKG which are well known as studio. I've not 
>>>tried these Sehns, but would give them a listen at that price.
>>>I don't like the ear-plug type as I can hear 
>>>my breathing, and a throat-clearing can be emmensely loud.
>>>but, the Apple earpods are not bad at $29 on amazon.
>>>Laz sells a really inexpensive set that are 
>>>well suited to the tiny mp3 players. They are 
>>>softer on the highs, (reduces shrill) and are 
>>>not trying to be a bass monster. I use them 
>>>anywhere that the recordings may turn out to 
>>>be shrill due to being an old, poor, low 
>>>bit,  or sibalant recording from a unit of the "under ipod" level.
>>>Just mho, a  ribbon tweeter, electro stat, 
>>>high end solid state fan. (meaning I don't like horns)
>>>On Mon, 17 Mar 2014, alan wrote:
>>> > hello Jacob. alan from new York city in the 
>>> u.s. did you say they were > $45 u.s.? also 
>>> can they stand loud i mean loud music or are they > delicate?
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>>> > > >  Recently got given a set of really 
>>> good quality earphones by a guy am >  doing a 
>>> bit of work for, as a form of thanks, and 
>>> while had just told >  him I'd want, 
>>> specifically in-ear/ear canal earphones, he 
>>> got me a set >  of some rather expensive 
>>> ones, Sennheiser CX302 - and I say 
>>> they're >  rather expensive, since the local 
>>> pricing for them seems to be >  roundabout 
>>> ZAR485 = +- USD45, but, first thing you 
>>> notice, aside from >  their feature of 
>>> surrounding noise cancellation, is just the >  quality/clarity of their
>>> > >  As in, although while listening to 
>>> songs/music you know well enough 
>>> from >  before, some of the levels of detail, clarity, etc., are just wow!
>>> > >  And, in case relevant, here's the one 
>>> local product page for these >  earphones - 
>>> along with a bit of their specification:
>>> > 
>>> https://www.mercurymusic.co.za/Sennheiser-CX300II-Black-Ear-Canal-Phones
>>> > >   high passive attenuation of ambient noise
>>> >    Frequency response (headphones)    19 - 20000 Hz
>>> >    Impedance    16 Ω
>>> >   Sound pressure level (SPL)    113 dB
>>> >    Jack plug    3.5 mm (angled)
>>> >    Cable length    1.2 m
>>> > >   Stay well
>>> > >   Jacob Kruger
>>> >   Blind Biker
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