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We've got truck mounted antennae.  Still get disconnects.  I  am thinking
the disconnects are Verizon issues since the laptops show a typical
"Network connectivity lost" type msg in the event log.  The MF and TS
clients shouldn't cause the aircards to drop off.

As for the wireless causing lockups, I didn't think it could happen either
until I found a few other companies that started having major hangs when
they went to Verizon wireless.  When I talked to a tech at Citrix, he
mentioned that there is some interaction between client and server that can
cause problems.  It has something to do with the virtual channels being
established on login, which is exactly when the user session hangs.


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In general, it roams okay. Session reliability ensures that I reconnect
promptly when dropped. You can get external antennas for all of the
cards, and you can get vehicle-mounted antennas if your users will be in
vehicles all day.

A server lockup shouldn't be related to wireless connections dropping.

Brian Madden

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Have you stayed logged in all day and driven around?  We notice that the
longer someone is logged in over Verizon, the more likely they are to
"drop" from TS.  One Metaframe servers, we have traced most of our
to times when our wireless users were logged in.



I've been using for over a year. It works great. I can't tell you the
last time I've used a phone cord.

I did most of my website development through the CDMA connection over


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Anyone using Verizon's CDMA for connecting to your Citrix servers?


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