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I have heard the same complaints lately along with very long wait times to
get hardware on the order of two weeks......
But to be fair, most of our customers do use DELL and are happy

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The only negative thing I hear these days is that Dell's support sucks.  The
last several customers I have visited have told be they will never by Dell

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I really dont think any brand offers anything the next one does'nt.
Its more important to think "big picture", and have one brand/supplier to
ease what management software you have to learn/monitor, have one support
organization to call when needed and so on. Having 9 different brands
depending on whats hot when you bought it will never pay off.
I have use IBM for all hardware, but i cant figure out any technical reason
to use them over HP or Dell. Same shit, different wrapping.

Svein Arild 



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Hi all, 

I'm looking for a new server to run separated applications from our farm,
such a Compleo, label printing software and also print server and others... 
Our servers in the farm are Proliant in a rack system. 
We're happy with them, but the new server I don't need to integrate in a
Could you pls. give to me any models that you are happy and have a good
performance to do this tasks? 
Such as Xseries or Hp/compaq servers... 

Thanks a lot. 

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