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  • Date: Wed, 13 Sep 2006 16:06:04 -0400

we figured it out.  just had to update the ICA web client on the
thanks anyways though!
Jon Luchette

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You might want to check your physical security; we have heard many such
reports of printers escaping when users aren't looking :-)  (just


What did you upgrade to exactly? How is printing configured?
(auto-create, native, UPD, etc)


Steve Greenberg

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Hello -


We have 6 Metaframe XPe boxes running FR3 w/sp4 on 2003 sp1.  We are a
hospital and the main application that we run is called Meditech Magic.
Prior to today the servers were Windows 2000 Servers running the same
version of Metaframe.  We upgraded today.  Now we are having a couple of
printing issues from within our Meditech application running over Citrix
on these new boxes.  


Specifically, when people try to print to their local printer from
Meditech some are receiving the following error message:


"Pass-thru printing aborted due to printer escape errors"


Any ideas?





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