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  • From: Paul Ferguson <paul@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: TechTalk <techtalk@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 20 Dec 2005 16:35:00 +0100

Hi Andrew

On 20-Dec-05, Andrew Davidson wrote:

> It's as stable as the Asus nF3 I had for a few weeks. Unfortunately,
> the Asus only provides a maximum of 2.7v on the RAM slots, and my old
> Mushkin RAM really needs 2.8v to run at it's 2-5-2-2 timings. At 2.7v
> I was way back at something mad like 11-15-11-10 or something.

Sounds like they're a lot more stable than I've heard then :)

> The DFI can put out up to 3.5v on the DIMMs which is probably a little
> excessive. :)

Hmm just a touch !

> I've not had time to try, but I've heard good things. There are
> certainly more than a fair share of tweaks available. 2 pages of BIOS
> scrren devoted to memory and CPU timings, most of which I havn't a
> clue about. :)

I've also heard that they make for good o/cing mostly from my son who
usually gets his info from the Overclockers forums ;-)

> A friend of mine had a Lanparty nF2 board which was pulling 2.6GHz
> from a Barton 2500+ using water cooling. Bus speed was something above
> 230MHz which is pretty good for a nF2.

Thats impressive alright !

> Then again, my old i865PE based Epox was good to 250MHz FSB (1GHz
> FSB). :)

And so's that - lol :)


God is a polythiest

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