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You haven't answered Denis question about the body to transmission strap.I have 
ran into a no crank condition that turned out to be the positive battery cable 
clamp to the battery cable.It was giving the symptoms that you have been 
describing.If you are using molded cable ends you should be okay.In my case it 
was so intermitten and related to heat that it took me about two years to 
finall get it isloated. Then it only took about ten minutes to fix.Stay after 
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  Damn.... so not only couldI blow my hand off but I could ruin the paint in my 
engine compartment. I need to find this gremlin quick.
  So does the ignition/head light switch ground to the bus by their attachment 
   I am planning on soldering the ends of the wires on those and sanding off 
the paint around where they attach to the Bus.


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  Yes and no.  You can do it without incident 95% of the time, but the other 5% 
can be catastrophic.  Ask me how I know.  Back in the day I had an early Manx 
buggy that was built from a 62 VW that had been rolled lightly.  We are talking 
about 1967, so I just left it 6V.  It sat in the garage often for long periods 
of time and the battery would be dead, so I would just jump it off with my 12V 
Chevy pickup.  Did it many times, hook the cables up, jump in and start it very 
quick then reach behind me and unhook the cables very quick.  Well, the last 
time I ever did that just I reached back with my right hand to unhook the cable 
the battery exploded just as I unhooked the cable.  The expolsion was about the 
equivalent of a 12 gauge shot gun going off and my hand was immediately 
completely numb.  My instant thought was that I had just blown my hand off.  
Luckily I was facing forward and non of the exploding acid got in my eyes.  But 
all of the clothes I had on were destroyed by flying battery acid.  I was 
afraid to look at my hand but did and found that it was still there and was 
simply numbed by the force of the explosion.

  I have never again attempted to jump a 6V batter with a 12V.  I will point 
out however that I had done it many times prior without a problem.

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  Is it OK to jump a 6v/8v battery with a 12v?  Just curios as I have lots to 
learn about wiring etc. 

  On Mar 29, 2012, at 10:53 AM, James Dwan <james_dwan_2000@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

    I was gonna wait for you to ask : )

    So I took the battery up to Tractor Supply after finding the receipt (took 
an hour) As I put it on the counter I noticed I had 3 days left in the 
warranty. THey check it out and what took an eternity (actually a full 10 min 
as the employee learned how to operate the tester for the first time) my 
battery was given the green light.

    I took it back and put it back in the Bus. Turned the key and herd nothing 
but a "thunk" as the piston slammed into the bushing then silence. I backed my 
'77 up and jumped it. Nothing. 10 attempts and nothing.

    I noticed when I first hooked up the battery the oil & engine light were 
barely visible, now they were bright so I honked the horn for some unnown 
reason, turned the key and it fired right up!
     It has started 23 times in a row, including this morning.

    Didn't Julie have a gremlin like this? I should say that I cycled the 
battery on Sunday a sI was so disgusted I left the key in te on position on 
Sunday so it was completely dead when I put it on the 6v charger Monday night. 
I was going to check the charging voltage but dinner was ready and I hate cold 
    So i'll check that tonight. 

    So was it not charging (regulator), was the cable from the battery to the 
starter junk? Is there an issue under the dash (solder ends of the wires to the 
ignition/light switches - or replace it).



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    From: Denis <coocoo@xxxxxxx>
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    Where are you with yer bus now? I feel invested. I want it fixed.

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