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  • Date: Mon, 27 Feb 2006 17:11:14 -0600

You should have seen Ronnie, he was going pretty fast, I saw him pull off
behind me and he made a quick stop that made me and Theresa gasp. Yes he
recognized me right off, no one else stopped and I was there 45 minutes.

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Me & Cindy had a great time, although it was a bit breezy.

Sorry we slept in on Saturday and the group went without 'taters at 
breakfast. Now that you know us, don't be so shy next time. Wake us up. Oh, 
boy. I know I'm going to regret that one.

Sharon:  What are the odds of Ronnie & Theresa finding you? Did they just 
happen along and recognize you? MAN! You "Splitties" surely have something 
going for you!!

Looking forward to seeing everyone again. With luck at Nacogdoches and 
definately at the VW Classics.

Thanks to all for the hospitality,
Cindy & Duncan

>--- Sharon Chamberlain <iluvvws@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I ran out of gas near Corsicana. . .but I was rescued by Ronnie & Theresa.

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