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I'm sorry for being so touchy.  Too many things in my life have made me a
bit too sensitive.  


Look, you all should know that the measure passed the TAC unanimously.  I
know that some of you were hoping I would vote no, and those people probably
hate me and will never talk to me again.


As those present at the meeting can tell you, I have been asking tough
questions.  Well, believe it or not, I got some good responses.  StarMetro
went out and got the city engineers involved, and tonight we, the TAC, were
told that the majority of the safety features would be brought on line
before the NOVA 2010 plan comes on line.  Even to the extent that 15 to 18
of the audible signals will be set up.  Also, I brought up putting "NO RIGHT
ON RED" designations at all of the transfer points.  No solid answer there,
but they did say they would look into what they could do.  I can say this
much for the NOVA 2010 process, that a year ago I don't think the city
engineers would have been as open to working with mass transit as they are
today.  This process has got more people working together than ever before.


Finally, I am very concerned that if we do not start making some changes,
even the unpopular ones, towards decentralizing the bus system, that we will
be left with a bus system in a few years that serves the students and not
much else.  What I don't want to do, is stop here.  Mr. Garrison said to me,
after being asked, that this is not an end to the changes, but a beginning.
Your comments that Bruce Weaver and I took to the TAC and StarMetro, fueled
the process of getting the city engineers involved.  Now, keep the pressure
on to continue to improve safety at all intersections.  Maybe we can beat
the Dangerous by design label Tallahassee has been stamped with, but we have
a long way to go.  Do not give up on me, I am trying the best I know, to not
give up on you.

Kevin Davis


By the way, I found out that the implementation may be delayed yet even
longer than December of this year by as much as three to eight months.  




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Sorry if we were vicious, Kevin. Lets not stop thinking outside the box. I
just don't want us to be limited.

Say hello to Laurie and the kids.


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So much for me trying to think out of the box.  Sorry to have troubled you.


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