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  • Date: Sat, 30 Jan 2010 19:57:32 -0500

Dear Chip,

I plan to do exactly that, as we have gone as a group (TCB and other citizens); we have had people like Robert and William and others speak to our concerns, and I had really thought we were getting somewhere, but if our "friends" are in fear for their jobs, they might not stand with us even if they wish to do so.

It should also be noted that the City of Tallahassee, in clear violation, has not installed the correct APS's, so the information is even less useful.

I wish we could get the commissioners off their butts and onto the busses; crossing streets (blindfolded, of course), as they need to "walk a mile in our shoes" and force the city to take its responsibility for all citizens seriously.

I would ride busses gladly if the schedules made some real sense and didn't take such a long time and if the correct APS's were installed and other improvements made.

To me, Joe, you are wasting bandwidth telling us we are divided; I don't believe we are as divided as you think we are, though we may not be in lockstep with every change coming down the pike.


Darla J. Rogers, B.A. M.S.

Home phone #:  850-329-7437

Do not allow someone else to be a priority in your life while allowing yourself to be an option in theirs.--Ani Difrancos
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