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Thanks Stan. I've not heard from the board that they would like to proceed 
with this idea, but I would be willing to produce two or three soft proofs 
to serve as examples of what a new card would look like.

So, yes send me the logo as a native Illustrator (.ai) file.

Rick: send me the version of the card you have in its native format, which I 
beleive you indicated was Publisher (.pub).

Also, if anyone has ideas for content, send those along too.
The obvious content would be:
 Club name: Saguaro Astronomy Club
URL: www.saguaroastro.org
Club mailing address: ? Does the club receive its mail at a PO Box or 
alterante to a residence as the leadership changes?
Email address: an address someone could use to inquire about the club. If 
the club's email provider supports aliasing it might be a good idea to use 
one for this purpose. That way the card can continue to be used even as 
leadership changes.
Back side: anything we may want to have printed on the back side.
Any ideas anyone has for the general look of the card. I happen to prefer 
the look of a card that utilizes a full-bleed background image over one that 
has a plain white background; to me the former is more visually appealing, 
the latter more business-like. But, others may have differing opinions.
Also, if you have any opinions on typeface, please share them. I tend to use 
Open Type fonts more than True Type fonts, so I may (and likely do) have 
typefaces that you don't necessarily have. For example, the typeface on the 
cards I gave to Joe was Tekton Pro.

Once I receive the input I will create the card (using InDesign) and produce 
the soft proofs (PDF). I'll put them on the website with a blind url posted 
on the sac-board forum. Then the board can decide whether or not to proceed.


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> Peter,
> I have the color graphic that is on the SAC home page. I created it in 
> Adobe Illustrator which is a scalable vector format. If you want it, I can 
> send this to you in whatever format you wish, and at whatever 
> size/resolution you desire.
> Stan

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