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better try to avoid handlebars for learning or just use
them as rare as possible.

In the beginning it is harder without, but you will
learn the steering principle much faster.

An empty parking lot is ideal for learning. In the
beginning let the bike go where it wants and only
take care for staying upright. With the time the
path you need will get narrower and more

30 min in the first days is enough. Later it gets
less exhausting.

Anyway it is big fun to learn and to go through all
the stages from beginner to expert.


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Over the weekend I noticed that I might have "learned" the opposite of Jurgen's steer technique: I usually steer with my hands - when I let go and try to use just my hips, I nearly lose control. I'm trying to learn the hips-only feel, but it is a motion counter to using the handlebars. When I take my hands off, it's like my hips want to do the exact opposite of what is rally needed.

Relatedly, I also tried putting the high handlebars
(see http://rjs.org/gallery/python_2.jpg)
back on for one spin. Even though I am used to steering with my hands, it was not controllable - the motion is too side-to-side. Ironically, it seemed to be a motion that coincided with the required hip motion, which I don't have down yet. Maybe if I learned to use the bars that way I could ride no-hands also.
I think that the stem would have to be much longer and bring the bars in line with the pivot to seem near "normal". I'll try that too.



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