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Hi Jürgen,

At 09:37 AM 5/10/2005, you wrote:
>An empty parking lot is ideal for learning. In the
>beginning let the bike go where it wants and only
>take care for staying upright. With the time the
>path you need will get narrower and more

I need to use the tennis courts again for that, believe it or not, 
there are no parking lots that large for miles.

>30 min in the first days is enough. Later it gets
>less exhausting.

It does give a different workout to the legs.

>Anyway it is big fun to learn and to go through all
>the stages from beginner to expert.

I'd say building things is the most immediately rewarding, 
but learning to use them has subtle and longer lasting enjoyment.

Thanks again,

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>>Over the weekend I noticed that I might have "learned" the opposite of 
>>Jurgen's steer technique: I usually steer with my hands - when I let go and 
>>try to use just my hips, I nearly lose control. I'm trying to learn the 
>>hips-only feel, but it is a motion counter to using the handlebars. When I 
>>take my hands off, it's like my hips want to do the exact opposite of what is 
>>rally needed.
>>Relatedly, I also tried putting the high handlebars
>>(see http://rjs.org/gallery/python_2.jpg)
>>back on for one spin. Even though I am used to steering with my hands, it was 
>>not controllable - the motion is too side-to-side. Ironically, it seemed to 
>>be a motion that coincided with the required hip motion, which I don't have 
>>down yet. Maybe if I learned to use the bars that way I could ride no-hands 
>>I think that the stem would have to be much longer and bring the bars in line 
>>with the pivot to seem near "normal". I'll try that too.
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