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Man, that's awesome! Very smooth looking. I can't tell from the video, but is it a true rear wheel steer? Is his seat actually sitting on the front part and there is nothing aft of the pivot but the rear wheel?? If so, it's an amazing accomlpishment.

The video was hard to see, but I wonder how much issue he has with pedal steer? Would it be reduced because he is sitting on the same rigid section the BB is attached to, or would he be sort of rotating around the contact patch of the front wheel and still maybe getting a little pedal steer that needs to be countered with his arms as the pivot tries to move left and right behind him?

Man, I have immediate ideas about dropping the seat down lower and making a lowracer with dual 700's. One of the bonusesof having a 36" inseam :)

 3. Dennis Renner from USA has built a FWD-RWS recumbent which seems to
 work pretty well:

 > http://de.youtube.com/watch?v=KMA7CTfbpwo
Waw, that is really amazing! I always thought a FWD/RWS was impossible
to ride. Would like to find out more!


Hej Dirk!

I thought just the same. I contacted Dennis, to ask him a few things. He answers very promptly. Here's a copy of what he said:

Thanks for the compliments.

My design is quite complicated to build. It took me a year and 5 months of my spare time to build it the first time. The jig I built took a month and a half. The wheel base is 45 inches', and the steering head tube angle is 71 degrees. The steering system on my bike is a split handle bar design. each side moves only backwards and forwards like joy sticks. A control rod system is designed so that the brain still thinks it is turning the front wheel like a normal bike. This why it is easy to ride. I have not taken the time to draft up plans of my design as of yet. I built it from ruff drafts. I am working on a lowracer design using this configuration now that I have the handling bugs worked out. Perhaps in the future plans will be available. I will try to post some more picture of it in the near future. Thanks again for your interest.

Dennis Renner

My reply:

 Thanks for the quick response, Dennis. I can see from your videos and
 you jig-work that you're a much more meticulous engineer than me. One
 thing that would be a really useful study image would be a side view
 of the whole bike, with a foot-rule laid between the wheels to get an
 idea of sizes. The wheel base and head angle are crucial bits of info
 too. Thanks for that. I already think that I'm going to have to
 follow the trail you've unexpectedly opened up with this excellent
 bike and see if I can build a FWD-RWS. Really exciting breakthrough.
 Respect. Thanks! RhG

Dennis's second reply:

I will do. Give me a day or two as it is raining now. Sincerely Dennis Renner

Hwyl fawr,  Rhisiart G.


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