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  • Date: Thu, 5 Feb 2009 09:26:40 +0200

Hi All

Yes, I cannot wait to start working on my bent.  I've been drooling over
having one for ages, but I have been very busy over the past 6 months.  I've
been preparing for a mountain bike race called the Sani2c here in South
Africa - a 3 day stage race over 250km through the most beautiful scenery
one can imagine.  And riding so much on my mountain bike costs a lot since
components wear out, especially in the mud.

My goal after the race is to scale down a lot on mountain biking and rather
spend that money on building my bent.  I will still commute with my mountain
bike as I currently do.  My wife is eyeing my mountain bike so I guess it
will no longer be mine once I have the bent completed.

Seeing this rear-steering, front-wheel drive recumbent changed my plans a
bit.  I think I will try to build one too.  I like things that are
different.  A friend once said: "Some people are wise, others are
otherwise."  I like otherwise!

Anyhow Dennis, congratulations on such an achievement.  I would have loved
to be the one to have come up with such a great implementation of an *
otherwise* idea.  I gave up on the idea of rear-steering but this has given
me new hope.


2009/2/5 David Mullens <davemullens@xxxxxxx>

> Hi 25hz;
> I wrote to Dennis myself -
> > Hi Dennis;
> >
> > Knowledge of your rear-steering, front-wheel drive recumbent has lit up
> > the python crowd. I can see that some of the python crowd will be
> > investigating the possibilities of rear-steer, which has not really
> > worked almost every time it has been used.
> >
> > I would love to have a python but I really do not have the collection of
> > tools, time and money that is required, or the fabrication skills needed
> > either. I have to make do with commercially made recumbents, which
> > isn't a bad thing.
> >
> > DAve
> Dennis replied -
> There are a lot of great factory made recumbents.  The Volae highracers are
> one of my favorites.  I also like the challenge Fujin SL II lowracer.  My
> rear wheel steering bike is very ride-able and fun but cost me a fortune to
> build. There is a learning curve to riding such a bike.  After time it seems
> as natural as any bike but in the beginning it did feel very strange.  I was
> able to race my daughter down the street on it the first day I rode it but
> that's not saying too much.  Now I can ride it with all my road bike friends
> and stay with them no problem.  If I had read all the problems in building a
> rear steering bicycle before I started I would probably would never have
> made the attempt.  I am glad I did.  One of my favorite saying is "The
> person who says it cannot be done is going to be run down by the guy doing
> it".
> Therefore we know that he spent a lot of time and money making the
> rear-steering bent.  It seems to work well, and that it works at all is
> amazing.  A nearby bike store has a bent rear-stearing trike hanging from
> the ceiling, owned by one of the employees, and it is really complicated.
> Dave
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------
> that's awesome!  Very smooth looking.  I can't tell from the video, but is
> it a true rear wheel steer?  Is his seat actually sitting on the front part
> and there is nothing aft of the pivot but the rear wheel??  If so, it's an
> amazing accomlpishment.
>> The video was hard to see, but I wonder how much issue he has with pedal
>> steer?
>> Would it be reduced because he is sitting on the same rigid section the BB
>> is attached to, or would he be sort of rotating around the contact patch of
>> the front wheel and still maybe getting a little pedal steer that needs to
>> be countered with his arms as the pivot tries to move left and right behind
>> him?
>> Man, I have immediate ideas about dropping the seat down lower and making
>> a lowracer with dual 700's.  One of the bonusesof having a 36" inseam :)
>>   3. Dennis Renner from USA has built a FWD-RWS recumbent which seems to
>>>>>  work pretty well:
>>>>>   > http://de.youtube.com/watch?v=KMA7CTfbpwo
>>>> Waw, that is really amazing! I always thought a FWD/RWS was impossible
>>>> to ride. Would like to find out more!
>>>> Dirk
>>>> ============================================================
>>> Hej Dirk!
>>> I thought just the same. I contacted Dennis, to ask him a few things. He
>>> answers very promptly. Here's a copy of what he said:
>>> 1)
>>> Thanks for the compliments.
>>> My design is quite complicated to build.  It took me a year and 5 months
>>> of my spare time to build it the first time.  The jig I built took a month
>>> and a half. The wheel base is 45 inches', and the steering head tube angle
>>> is 71 degrees.  The steering system on my bike is a split handle bar design.
>>> each side moves only backwards and forwards like joy sticks.  A control rod
>>> system is designed so that the brain still thinks it is turning the front
>>> wheel like a normal bike.  This why it is easy to ride. I have not taken the
>>> time to draft up plans of my design as of yet.  I built it from ruff drafts.
>>>  I am working on a lowracer design using this configuration now that I have
>>> the handling bugs worked out.  Perhaps in the future plans will be
>>> available.  I will try to post some more picture of it in the near future.
>>> Thanks again for your interest.
>>> Dennis Renner
>>> My reply:
>>>   Thanks for the quick response, Dennis. I can see from your videos and
>>>>  you jig-work that you're a much more meticulous engineer than me. One
>>>>  thing that would be a really useful study image would be a side view
>>>>  of the whole bike, with a foot-rule laid between the wheels to get an
>>>>  idea of sizes. The wheel base and head angle are crucial bits of info
>>>>  too. Thanks for that. I already think that I'm going to have to
>>>>  follow the trail you've unexpectedly opened up with this excellent
>>>>  bike and see if I can build a FWD-RWS. Really exciting breakthrough.
>>>>  Respect. Thanks! RhG
>>> Dennis's second reply:
>>> I will do.  Give me a day or two as it is raining now. Sincerely Dennis
>>> Renner
>>> Hwyl fawr,  Rhisiart G.
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