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  • Date: Mon, 04 Jul 2011 15:14:12 +0200

Ouch! That is really unfortunately! Sounds like the nasty "leg suck" (http://www.recumbentblog.com/2008/04/18/leg-suck-be-damned/ ) -- imagine leg suck on a trike, brrrrrr...

It is a little late for advice, but it makes no sense taking feets of your pedals when "losing control", because your feet are your means of control.

On an open recumbent (understeer or no steer) falling is usually very forgiving in that one nearly always ends up standing up. To this rule, leg suck is an exception. Gliding in a turn too, this can be very nasty, as one can break a hip.

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On 04.07.2011 09:16, Kurt Rutter wrote:
Just a cautionary tale...
I was rambling along nicely with my python on my neighborhood street, building confidence to go on a real ride, when I lost control (for no obvious reason) and crashed at 8 or 10 mph. I had crashed on grass plenty of times so kicked off the pedasl and rolled. Unfortunately the cleat on my left foot stuck in the rough asphalt and I ended up rolling over my leg. The big BANG I heard was mt tibia and fibula snapping as I flipped the bike. Ouch. The python was fine thanks to the fine german design and craftmanship, but I was lying in the road thanking god (and I'm an athiest!) the neighbors did not see me . My son drove me to the hospital. Now I sit with my leg in a cast and want to pass on to the python family...keep your legs up! Fall on your bum but keep those legs up.
Conventional bikes tend to break shoulders, necks, heads. Recumbents (I assume of all kinds) tend to chew up the legs instead. Probably a fair trade, but thought I would add my cautionary tale to the python knowledge base. Legs up!

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