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  • From: Kurt Rutter <tokabago@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Mon, 4 Jul 2011 13:48:40 -1000

Yes, I think the lesson has sunk in...;=0

2011/7/4 Jürgen Mages <jmages@xxxxxx>

> We told you: "Never brake with your feet on the ground!" Didn't we? Hope
> you recover soon ...
> Head up,
> Jürgen.
> On 04.07.2011 09:16, Kurt Rutter wrote:
>> Just a cautionary tale...
>> I was rambling along nicely with my python on my neighborhood street,
>> building confidence to go on a real ride, when I lost control (for no
>> obvious reason) and crashed at 8 or 10 mph. I had crashed on grass plenty
>> of
>> times so kicked off the pedasl and rolled. Unfortunately the cleat on my
>> left foot stuck in the rough asphalt and I ended up rolling over my leg.
>> The
>> big BANG I heard was mt tibia and fibula snapping as I flipped the bike.
>> Ouch. The python was fine thanks to the fine german design and
>> craftmanship,
>> but I was lying in the road thanking god (and I'm an athiest!) the
>> neighbors
>> did not see me . My son drove me to the hospital. Now I sit with my leg in
>> a
>> cast and want to pass on to the python family...keep your legs up! Fall on
>> your bum but keep those legs up.
>> Conventional bikes tend to break shoulders, necks, heads. Recumbents (I
>> assume of all kinds) tend to chew up the legs instead. Probably a fair
>> trade, but thought I would add my cautionary tale to the python knowledge
>> base. Legs up!
>> Kurt
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