[pure-silver] Re: Slightly OT: Large format telephoto

  • From: Charlie Thorsten <charlie_thorsten@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Mon, 15 Feb 2010 12:31:44 -0800 (PST)

Joe makes some really good points here.  A process lens like a red dot
Artar or G-Claron will be much smaller and lighter than a telephoto, and
usually cover 8x10 as well (although if it's mounted in a #3 shutter it can
be fairly large, too).  For me, the appeal of the tele was the short bellows
draw.  I'm using a Toyo 45A that only has a 13" bellows, so a straight
360mm lens would not be usable.  The telephoto leaves plenty of extension
left over for close-focusing.
One characteristic is that using tilts and swings with the tele can cause
strange things to happen, since the nodal point is actually in front of the
lens.  I pretty much stick to using shift movements.  Working with the lens
in practice is very satisfying...I haven't run out of coverage for 4x5.
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From: Joseph O'Neil <joneil@xxxxxxxx>
Subject: [pure-silver] Re: Slightly OT: Large format telephoto
To: pure-silver@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Date: Monday, February 15, 2010, 6:59 AM

Mostly a lurker here, but a couple of thoughts.   I used 4x5 and 8x10, and I 
use both process lenses - some with shuttes, some not with shutters such as 
apo-ronars, red dot artars and g-clarons, and I do have one true, 4x5 telephoto 
- the Wollensak  tele-raptar.  I forget the exact focal length, but it works 
out to about 360mm on 4x5

    There are several differences, but one of the mian ones is that on a true 
"tele" lens for LF, you do nto need as much focus travel.  for example, on my 
4x5 Tachihara or my crown graphic, my 270mm g-claron has to rack all the way 
out to almost the limit of the bellows to focus, whereas with the tele-raptor, 
which is actually almost 100mm longer, it goes out only about 2/3rds trhe way.

The drawback is that compared to F9 process lenses, "tele" lenses tend to be 
much heavier, and you need a much more robust camea.  So my Crown graphic or my 
Zone field camera will handle the tele-ratpor, but the front standard on my 
Tachihara is way too light to handle it.

So if backpacking and light weight is the most important thing, go the F9 
process lenses, but if you are driving,a nd just walking a little, you ay like 
the tele lens.

One last bit, on *some* process lenses, not all, the image circle is bigger 
than on tele - lenses.  This is mostly true for the g-clarons, but the image 
circle on my apo-ronar and my RD artar is not all that big



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