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Eric, I haven't forgotten about the Rodinal formula. I've saved a number of posts from rec.photo.darkroom especially from Michael Gudzinowicz and when I've tidied them up I'll post it.

The upshot of the posts is that Agfa altered Rodinal in, I think, the 1960s. The amount of p-aminophenol was reduced and the pH was increased to compensate. p-aminophenol is not an expensive chemical, but sodium/potassium hydroxide is much cheaper!   Reminiscences of Agfa Viradon having its only expensive ingredient removed also (selenium)!

Eric Neilsen Photo wrote:

This was how PF listed it on the brown bottle; including CAS #. I don't have my formulas here at home. If you have it John, that would be great.  


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Aminophenol (not the hydrochloride) is readily available, and can be used for Rodinal with some adjustments to the formula. I can look it up if you're interested.

John Stockdale

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