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The original Portriga was IMHO one of the most beautiful papers ever.

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Subject: [pure-silver] Oh How I Miss This Paper

> I managed to get some new old stock Agfa Brovira BEH 111 paper
> recently when someone closed down their darkroom. I made a print
> with it last night.   I'd forgotten how very lovely this stuff was.
> Is anyone making anything close to this (Arista? ...?)
> -- 

    I don't know of anything like the old Brovira. I had a lot of it, probably 
all fogged now. AGFA made some unique papers. I have some ancient AGFA and 
(who made the same stuff here) sample books and I think they made the best 
looking paper of any of the brands. I used to use Indiatone, if you think Kodak 
Opal was slow Indiatone made it look like a racehorse.

Richard Knoppow
Los Angeles

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