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> Why this Silver list is important: The division between film and
> digital presages an evolution in the directions within photography.
> I think it's a positive event because it clarifies our personal
> choice within photography. It separates folks who go for short range
> to those who are dedicated to long haul objectives.
> A similar shock of visual technology hit painters when photography
> invaded the field of portraiture. The painters turned to the
> expression of pure idea, which photography at the time could not
> equal. Now photography can imitate abstract art, but never outpace
> the hand artist in this field.
> Therefore it's not a question of whether digital will replace film.
> The issue is where the individual photographer wants to go. Does he
> want to walk hand in hand with history or instead follow temporary
> concerns.
> It's obvious that the film photographer will be a minority, but one
> which will be highly respected and trusted and perhaps even
> financially rewarded by Western societies.

FIlm will remain as a choice, for technical and/or artistic reasons, but we 
must acknowledge that it 
is and will be used by a dwindling minority. Before the beginnings of 
photography, there were 
many more artists than there were after.


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