[pskmail] Re: mail attachments

  • From: Franco Spinelli <frspin@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: pskmail@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sun, 06 Feb 2011 12:35:52 +0100

Il 06/02/2011 12:18, Rein Couperus ha scritto:
Tnx for the tests Franco, that is a big help for me..

Happy to help you

Probably best to add the extra header in the client, so we don't need
to transmit it over the air.... will try that.

I was aware the attachments only work when compressed, which is the
logical way to do it...

It's on the todo list (low priority).

Attach in Inbox with correct header is a low priority.

Correctly save attach permit you to get a grib file for a position different of your QTH or get a FSXXX file by email.

A last problem on deleting mail.

It seem that pskmail server mantain a header list of email for user.
I have deleted a mail, get a new header list (in same connection session) and get correct list. But on Gmail the message was not deleted!


Franco Spinelli

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