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  • Date: Wed, 26 Aug 2009 14:06:39 -0400

Thank you for your quick response.

I use the Rigbalster Plug and Play with the 857 and it has been working fine controlling and doing the sound interface.

I use an inverted V as well so I hope I will hear something. I have an inverted V as well and it works well on all the other digi modes so I should hear something.

When you Lock fldigi does that lock the transmit and receive frequencies to whatever you have set in FLDIGI Freq? Mine says 10147 and the lock button is Highlighted. I have not touched anything else.


Decossas, Michael wrote:
     Here are the responses to your questions that I can answer.
     1. Set the frequency on your FT-857 to 147.00. this will put you right on 
148.00 for the default offset in FLDigi. I have the same radio and that is what 
had to happen to get on frequency.
     2. fldigi, not jpskmail will control the radio. You will need the CT-62 
cable and a second serial port. For control of the 857, use Hamlib and select 
your com port(Baud Rate of 38400). Also, check PTT via Hamlib command unless 
you are using a VOX system like the Tigertronics Signalink USB. All the other 
settings should work fine as default.
3. You should see some beacons, depending on band conditions and your antenna. Most of the servers, that I know of, currently run vertical antennas (which may cause a problem for you if you are horizontal). I am currently running an inverted V at about 30'. Here in New Orleans, I can usually see (via ping) WB5CON & NC5O during the day and only NC5O during evenings. 4. Yes, we share with all the other digital modes. Most of the non-pskmail activity I see seems to be Pactor2/3.

As a test, launch fldigi, open jpskmail, click on Link and select ping. This 
will ping out over the air and any servers that hear you should respond. this 
should indicate which servers have a good rf path to you.

Hope this helps.


PSKMAIl Server KB5OZE-2 (still in testing)
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Good Afternoon,

I have finally gotten jpskmail installed.

I am running Ubuntu 810

I needed to install Java, I could not determine which version so I
installed OpenJre first.

The program would not start and gave all kinds of link errors.

I then installed SunJre and still got the errors until I ran the fix
that fixes the links.

Ok so now I am running.  I have WB5CON as my server.  I am running
fldigi 3.12  my receiver is set to 10148 DIG mode on FT857.

Fldigi displays in the water fall from 10148 down to 10145.  The
waterfall only indicates noise from about 10147.5.

I have not heard anything other than short bursts of what I believe is
packet not psk250, but it may be the same.

I have now moved my frequency up to 10149 to monitor and see if I can
see anything.

   1. My question is this if I set my radio to 10148 and my sweet spot
      is 1000hz then where should the marker in fldigi be at.
   2. When I launch JPSKMAIL it keys the radio and appears to be setting
         1. It does not set the mode.
         2. It does not position the frequency marker in the waterfall.
   3. Should I be able to see beacons?
   4. Do we share the frequency with packet?  The obvious answer is we
      could be but my question should probably be does PSK250 sound like

I ask these questions because I do not want to make assumptions.

Your help is appreciated.

Eric W. Davenport
Cert-In Software Systems, Inc.
P.O. 346
Bakersville, NC 28705

Eric W. Davenport
Cert-In Software Systems, Inc.
P.O. 346
Bakersville, NC 28705

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