[pskmail] Re: Sailing trip across Atlantic with PSKmail

  • From: Christian Wagner <wagnerschristian@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: pskmail@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Fri, 27 Jan 2012 16:40:19 -0400

@ Rein:
Concerning the popups:
You already implemented some of them. On the „mail“ tab there are
popups when you hover over QTC, Delete and the New Mail button. This
is what I meant. Nothing more. I think you won‘t need an expert mode
to shut this feature off, since the advanced user doesn‘t hover much,
he just clicks.

Here are some suggestions:

Button          Popup english                                   Popup german

Connect Connect to a server                             mit einem Server 
Abort           Disconnect from a Server                        vom Server 
einseitig trennen,
                onesided, not very courteous                    nicht sehr 
Quit            Disconnect from a server                        vom Server 
Pos.            Send an APRS Beacon                     eine APRS Positionsbake 
Contacts        Open a list of contacts                         Adressbuch 
New Mail        fine as is                                      Neue Email 
QTC             fine as is                                      Mail Header 
Liste vom Server    herunterladen
Delete          fine as is                                      Mail auf dem 
Server löschen
Read            Open a file after download                      File nach dem 
Herunterladen öffnen
Update          Update an already downloaded file               bereits 
File aktualisieren
Download        Download file                                   Datei vom 
Server laden
Upload          Upload file                                     Datei auf den 
Server hochladen
List            Download file list from server          Dateiliste vom Server 
Comp.           Send compressed APRS beacon             APRS Bake komprimiert 
no buttons to click
Sorry, expertise missing here on my part.
Sorry, expertise missing here on my part.

Popups in the user data fields are fine as is, probably add something
like „password to „secure“ the connection to the PSKmail server“
(German: Passwort um die Verbindung zum PSKmail- Server
„abzusichern“). I briefly confused it with my email password.

Mode settings:
You allready have a default button for a „European“ modetable. Why not
make two buttons like „US default modeabe“ and „Restoftheworld default

For popups in the Info and link menu you could use the text that is
allready in the manual:
Ping    Send a ping frame on frequency             Ctrl-P

Inquire Send a ping to one specific server         Ctrl-I

Quality Show signal quality table on main terminal Ctrl-Q

Link    Send a link request to the server          Ctrl-L

Update  Update server with your mail data record   Ctrl-U

Telnet  Start the telnet agent                     Ctrl-T

Get Messages
Fetch APRS messages for user stored at findu.com

Get tidestations
Get list of tidestations close to current position

Get tide(###)
Get tide data for tide station ###, use get tidestations to get number
of the wanted tide station.

Get Grib File:
Send an email to query@xxxxxxxxxxxx requesting grib data, centered on your
position +- 5 degrees.

Get IAC Fleetcodes
Download IAC fleetcodes that produce a current pressure map for the
north Atlantic

Get IAC forecast
Get IAC fleetcodes that produce a 24 hour forecast pressure map for
the north Atlantic

Get latest Geophysical Alert Message wwv.txt from NOAA.

Get APRS stations
Get a list of nearby APRS stations, uses clients reported position.

Get VHF/UHF Relays
Get VHF/UHF Relays from DARC.de centered at latest reported position.

Get camper sites
Get nearby camp sites from DARC.de. Work only in EU.

Get Server freqs
Get list of server frequencies entered at the PSKmail wiki (server page)

Get pskmail news
Get the latest pskmail news from the PSKmail wiki

Get web pages
Open the web page window where a web page can be requested from the server.

Send and get status updates for the PSKmail channel on Identi.ca.
Hope this is helpful,

BTW: My problems with the pop download are solved. Wrong pop server addess:
not DL3ZFC@xxxxxxxxx, but pop.gmail.com- ouch. I felt very stupid when
I discovered this. Anyways, it works now, I can PSKmail now-

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