[pskmail] Re: Sailing trip across Atlantic with PSKmail

  • From: "Rein Couperus" <rein@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: pskmail@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sat, 28 Jan 2012 18:03:16 +0100 (CET)

Hi Christian,

I will look at this when I am settled in Spain, no chance here using
a french keyboard at a camp site in Lyon....

Rein F/PA0R/M

>@ Rein:
>Concerning the popups:
>You already implemented some of them. On the „mail“ tab there are
>popups when you hover over QTC, Delete and the New Mail button. This
>is what I meant. Nothing more. I think you won‘t need an expert mode
>to shut this feature off, since the advanced user doesn‘t hover much,
>he just clicks.
>Here are some suggestions:
>Button Popup english Popup german
>Connect Connect to a server mit einem Server verbinden
>Abort Disconnect from a Server vom Server einseitig trennen,
> onesided, not very courteous nicht sehr freundlich
>Quit Disconnect from a server vom Server trennen
>Pos. Send an APRS Beacon eine APRS Positionsbake senden
>Contacts Open a list of contacts Adressbuch öffnen
>New Mail fine as is Neue Email verfassen
>QTC fine as is Mail Header Liste vom Server herunterladen
>Delete fine as is Mail auf dem Server löschen
>Read Open a file after download File nach dem Herunterladen öffnen
>Update Update an already downloaded file bereits heruntergeladenen
>File aktualisieren
>Download Download file Datei vom Server laden
>Upload Upload file Datei auf den Server hochladen
>List Download file list from server Dateiliste vom Server anfordern
>Comp. Send compressed APRS beacon APRS Bake komprimiert verschicken
>no buttons to click
>Sorry, expertise missing here on my part.
>Sorry, expertise missing here on my part.
>Popups in the user data fields are fine as is, probably add something
>like „password to „secure“ the connection to the PSKmail server“
>(German: Passwort um die Verbindung zum PSKmail- Server
>„abzusichern“). I briefly confused it with my email password.
>Mode settings:
>You allready have a default button for a „European“ modetable. Why not
>make two buttons like „US default modeabe“ and „Restoftheworld default
>For popups in the Info and link menu you could use the text that is
>allready in the manual:
>Ping Send a ping frame on frequency Ctrl-P
>Inquire Send a ping to one specific server Ctrl-I
>Quality Show signal quality table on main terminal Ctrl-Q
>Link Send a link request to the server Ctrl-L
>Update Update server with your mail data record Ctrl-U
>Telnet Start the telnet agent Ctrl-T
>Get Messages
>Fetch APRS messages for user stored at findu.com
>Get tidestations
>Get list of tidestations close to current position
>Get tide(###)
>Get tide data for tide station ###, use get tidestations to get number
>of the wanted tide station.
>Get Grib File:
>Send an email to query@xxxxxxxxxxxx requesting grib data, centered on your
>position +- 5 degrees.
>Get IAC Fleetcodes
>Download IAC fleetcodes that produce a current pressure map for the
>north Atlantic
>Get IAC forecast
>Get IAC fleetcodes that produce a 24 hour forecast pressure map for
>the north Atlantic
>Get WWV
>Get latest Geophysical Alert Message wwv.txt from NOAA.
>Get APRS stations
>Get a list of nearby APRS stations, uses clients reported position.
>Get VHF/UHF Relays
>Get VHF/UHF Relays from DARC.de centered at latest reported position.
>Get camper sites
>Get nearby camp sites from DARC.de. Work only in EU.
>Get Server freqs
>Get list of server frequencies entered at the PSKmail wiki (server page)
>Get pskmail news
>Get the latest pskmail news from the PSKmail wiki
>Get web pages
>Open the web page window where a web page can be requested from the server.
>Send and get status updates for the PSKmail channel on Identi.ca.
>Hope this is helpful,
>BTW: My problems with the pop download are solved. Wrong pop server addess:
>not DL3ZFC@xxxxxxxxx, but pop.gmail.com- ouch. I felt very stupid when
>I discovered this. Anyways, it works now, I can PSKmail now-

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