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  • From: William <va3udp@xxxxxx>
  • To: pskmail@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Fri, 7 Nov 2008 18:34:57 +0100

Le 08-11-06 à 21:55, Per Crusefalk a écrit :

Nice to see you here and very nice to have you qrv from EA5.
When Rein was there we had plenty of sessions on 30 meters, condx
changes of course so perhaps another band could be good too now.
There is an expedition to Togo in November so I have altered my scanning a bit for that. If you look at the prediction for my server you may want
to try the other bands as well, that page is here:

Hi Per,

I've adjusted the antenna now so that it resonates without a tuner
(I was worried about improperly adjusted coils choking off the ends
of the dipole). Oddly enough, a position report from me shows up
about three and a half hours ago -- I should have checked before
making the changes, but no matter.

There is a minor problem with my position reports, having entered
-000.0440 as the longitude, it gets sent as 00000.00 and I end up
just a bit out to sea as can be seen here:

Not sure why.

I still see no responses to ping packets or connection requests,
and have yet to hear any station but DK4XI-0, but this is progress.

If I read your propagation map correctly, conditions should be good
for reaching SM0RWO on 30m over the next few hours, so fingers

I'm running 100W at the moment which should be *way* more than
enough to be heard...

Another question: I have seen some traffic from DK4XI-0 on 10.148MHz,
but longer transmissions of what appear to be weather and sea
condition reports in German on 10.147MHz. Is this QSY traffic or
a coincidence?


73 de William EA5/VE2WSW
va3udp /@/ rac.ca

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