[pskmail] Configuration FT857 Rigblaster Plug & Play, Fldigi BH JPSKMAIL 4.00 & Ubuntu 9.10

  • From: "Eric W. Davenport" <kz5ed@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: pskmail@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Tue, 22 Dec 2009 10:35:33 -0500

I wonder if someone could share some light on this issue.


   * FT 857
   * Rigbalster Plug and Play
   * FLDIGI 3.13BH
   * JPSKMAIL 4.00 not 4.01
   * UBUNTU 9.10

  1. I have never successfully connected to any server.
  2. I have worked all kinds of digital modes with my system so
     something is right.
  3. I have followed the wiki to the letter in setting up FLDIGI for
     PSKMAIL the pictures make it real easy.
  4. I think I have something else wrong.
  5. When I am on 10147 and not being overloaded with a 30+ pactor
     signal right on the frequency I can read PSKMAIL from Europe and
sometimes the US. The instructions say set the dial frequency to 10147 with 1000hz should give you 10148 as your transmit frequency. In order to get FLDIGI and Rigblaster talking through the CAT Port I set FLDIGI to MODE RTTY which sets the Radio on DIG mode and I get signals. I have played with all the DIG Mode controls on 857 and cycled through all of them. I have succeeded in making some progress because every so often I see myself as one of the stations on the Website. I am feeding the FT857 through the CAT port not the mike connector. I have seen responses to my pings every once in a while.

About a week ago I did connect to WB5CON and all we did for about 10 minutes is cycle back and forth so I do not consider this a success.

Any help would be appreciated.


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