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Sounds awesome to me! Its nice to be able to scale down graphics as well for 
slower machines.  
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Oh and we can do this in our game too if we need to as a preformance
optomization later on (:

On Thu, May 7, 2009 at 9:41 PM, Alan Wolfe <alan.wolfe@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Ok so for those of you that don't know what LOD is, it stands for "Level of
> detail" and in essence means that when things are farther away, or less
> noticeable in some way, that you use less detail cause nobody notices, and
> that saves you processing power and memory.
> For example, objects that are farther away (models, mountains, etc) use
> less polygons when they are far away since you can't tell the difference at
> a great distance anyways.
> It makes everything way nicer.
> Anyhow...So animating models is expensive (takes a lot of CPU power).
> Today i learned something really bad ass, an animation LODing technique.
> So what the deal is, is you declare up front how many of a specific type of
> animation are allowed to run at once.
> So like... if you have 10 people all walking around using the same
> animation, normally you'd have to pay the cost of processing that same
> animation 10 times.
> The LOD technique is to say "only allow 3 maximum instances of that
> animation to happen at once".
> So what that does is only process 3 animations but have multiple people use
> the same processed animation data.
> If you set it to only 1 maximum instance, everyone would animate and walk
> in unison which is really crappy, and if you do too high a number maximum
> instances, too many people are animating and it eats up a lot of CPU.
> So you basically find the balance and say "well its hard to tell that they
> are sharing animations if you do 3 max" and then you have your magic number,
> and the game runs faster.
> It's kind of cool... just wanted to share it with everyone...

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