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  • From: Alex Parks <mehgcap@xxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sun, 21 Oct 2007 14:26:11 -0400

The ip address code has been moved to html; it is no longer in js. I replaced mine with the exact code in your email, but it refuses to print the ip address. Here is the exact error I get when, after selecting a file, I click the "upload file" button: Parse error: parse error in /var/www/html/mehgcap/uploader.php on line 2 As you probably guessed, the path is where the php file is stored on the server; it is correct. I have created a dir called "upload" on the server, by the way, and have tried several alterations to the path; instead of just "upload", I looked at my ftp program which says I am in a longer path than just /upload, so I tried that path and that path plus upload. I hope that made some sense.

Have a great day,

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Well Alex,

When you download the page, it`s stored on your PC, and the
Javascript that manipulates this page is executed within YOUR browser, not on the server. That is why the PHP code doesn`t work. You can`t print PHP via Javascript and receive results..

Second, I don`t know why you get errors. The script works just
fine. Make sure the input field name is the same as the variable index $_FILES['uploadedfile']['name'] , uploadedfile. This is one suggestion.
If you can paste me the error message I could help you.

And last you are not cursed, there are always hurdles to overcome
when it comes to programming ;)
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