Re: [program-l] Re: views on merging two programming lists

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  • Date: Thu, 01 Sep 2011 18:01:39 -0400

Most of these more modern community structures support EMail notifications, so if you like your inbox as your workspace you could most likely make it work. But by putting it in a more versatile framework people could get replies by SMS instead of EMail if that floated their boat. Or have a nice, streamlined web interface with RSS feeds, more segmented threads, and tags. It makes it more possible for everyone to absorb the content they care about in the format they want it. It's just a matter of whether this community is large enough to make the effort worth it.

On 9/1/2011 5:53 PM, Michael Malver wrote:

p.s. I'm not saying we shouldn't adopt new technologies. I'm simply saying I would hope e-mail would stay in addition to facebook, google, whatever.

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I agree, this is unsettling.

I don't know if there'd be any desire for this, but does anyone else feel that the mailing list is sort of... well... 1999ish in its execution? We all want to be able to discuss a wide plethora of programming topics. But plenty of people don't want to wade through a high traffic list. There are more evolved community formats now, from Facebook groups and Google+ circles to full forum/wiki/community blog implementations that could be hosted on a dedicated server. It'd allow for people to filter the discussion they're interested in while not having to restrict topics people can discuss, as seems to be the Catch 22 Program-L is fighting with right now. I won't set it all up on my own. I don't care enough, straight and simple. But maybe if I'm not running the whole show by myself this is something that could be given some brainstorming? It won't work though unless it has at least the beginnings of a community willing to give it a go, and we seem pretty entrenched for some reason in the old EMail listserv.
On 9/1/2011 4:22 PM, Michael Malver wrote:

If this is true, and java is off topic, then I am totally and completely against the merge. I'll be damned if I'm going to join a second e-mail list when the point of merging in the first place was to minimize the number of lists a person would have to subscribe to.

If this is true, I hope someone will create a third list where all things programming can be discussed freely. When that happens, hopefully everyone will join it.

Here's hoping the message to which I am replying is just someone thinking out loud and not actually policy.

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This just came through, for those of you who aren't on the program-l list. I know it's past the due date for our input, but I have a couple of issues, both of which I voiced. First, I'm kind of lost as to why Java isn't aloud to be discussed because it's "specialized." Sure there's another list for that, but if we're going to have "specialized" lists, why are we merging in the first place? Does this mean that sodbeans discussion is out? I've kind of followed along with that, though I haven't played with it to much. Second, I'm still curious why this is so hush-hush. I guess I'm worried that we're going to get forced into a list that is not going to allow some of what we have here. Sure some of it can be cleaned up, and George is the one to do that; he's an adept moderator, but It almost sounds like the volume of messages is going to be strictly controled for some reason.

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There's always a leak somewhere before things can be properly
announced, isn't there?  However, it won't happen until 1st October.
Yes indeed the two specialist lists are to merge. Or rather, they
will be merged into ours.  It was either that, or the other list could
possibly be closed down.
I have no doubt that it will initially swell the number of daily
messages, but I'm hoping that with some appropriate moderation, things
will keep on topic.  If not, my steel ruler will be out rather
Needless to say JAVA will be considered off-topic as we have a list
for that (program-java), and if the need arises for other specialist
areas, I will have no hesitation in starting an appropriate list.
Sorry you all had to find out via the jungle drums, but please stick
with us.  This has been a very professional list to date, and
hopefully long may it continue that way.
All the best, George Bell
Moderator and list owner.
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