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  I played around with some different methods, such as only using H tags for 
the title, but the bad thing when leaving some of the other info out is that 
you have to arrow around in addition to using the header commands to find out 
the title and author, or title and artist, etc. Having more info seemed 
preferable to having too little during navigation. Also, these are dynamic 
regions to some extent, so it changes somewhat depending on the type of product 
being searched for. A fine point, but I can tweak it as needed in the future if 
it gets to be a bit too much. 

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  Is there a purpose for having the title, publisher, print date, etc in the 
same heading.  You might wish to make them each their own heading level or make 
just the titles be headings.  Just some food for thought.


  Charles E. Black



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  Hopefully this isn't off topic, but I need beta testers from the blind 
community if anyone is interested.


  The service is an AJAX driven search engine, which is now live at


  It includes quite a few accessibility enhancements, including focus 
redirection when new pages load, and the following hotkey shortcuts:

  Alt+S = Search edit field.

  Alt+` = The main dynamic content header.

  Alt+B = Back in the virtual browser history.

  Alt+F = Forward in the virtual browser history.

  There is also a fairly comprehensive header structure as well, which makes it 
very easy to skip between product sections while browsing. 


  I haven't made the service public yet, because I would like to get people's 
input to see if there is anything that I can do to make the service

  1. Easier to use.

  2. More accessible for screen reader users.

  3. more reliable by identifying any missed bugs.


  If you would like to send me any feedback, I'd really appreciate it. Please 
email me at 


  I'll likely see it first at this address. 






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