RE: Python lists and Math

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You didn't exactly send enough of the code for someone to answer this if
they had not ran into the problem.  I actually just wrote a dice class
recently for a project I am working on.  I am betting because of the error
message you got the roll is a list if this is the case its probably a list
of your dice so what you should have had was
i being the number of the die you want to roll for example if you have a
list of 5 dice for a game like Yahtzee you could do something like
for i in range (0,5):
If you can't get it to work let me know I can take your code and fix it
probably in a bout 2 minutes or less.  


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In my effort to learn Python, I have written a dice class.  I have a roll
method that accepts one argument, the number of dice to roll.  It returns a
list of the results.  In the program I wrote to test the class, I have
something like:
score = roll.roll(1)
This rolls 1 six sided die.  The problem I run in to is when I try to do:
score += roll.roll(1)
I get an error about the += operand not supporting list and int.  So my next
move was to try:
score += int(roll.roll())
Which Python says can't be done because the number is stored in a list, not
a string.  So, my question is, how do I keep track of the score?  IS there
some function to convert lists to int?
Thanks for the help

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