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You are getting beyond me Don! My guess is that your install package would just install one engine depending on either what the user selects in some box or by what you find if you set up your package to check for installed components on the client machine automatically. You might have the diferent install packages as selectable downloads on your website. The client picks one of them based on a list of prerequisits you list for each version like Microsoft does with diferent versions of Visual Studio IE, VS 2005, VS 2008, 32 Bit Version or 64 bit version. The user clicks the link for whichever version fits their machine. MS Also has download instructions for any necessary prerequisit modules if related to a version. That should simplify the installation process. I will be interested in your final solution as I have never seen an installation project built nor even a Click Once application set up if you go those routes.

Rick USA
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Can you create a Windows Installation package within Visual Studio 2008 or is it an external tool? Do most of you developers use a Microsoft Installation packager tool or do you prefer a different tool, like Inno Setup? What would a installation packager do in the case of the MODI prerequisites on a computer that does not have Microsoft Office 2003 or 2007? Would it still fail if my application had an option to select between multiple OCR Engines, thus making MODI not a true prerequisite?

Don Marang

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The publish command you have seen is for creating click once
installation for applications that are downloaded and installed in a
special subdirectory under documents and settings and are subject to
real-time updates as and when they are available.

The other type of installation is windows installation in which a
package file (.msi) and a bootstrapper file (setup.exe) are created
and can be distributed offline and never look for update — although
you can achieve the same with click once — but it's not ment to be
used that way.

Well, you can run an executable file from anywhere in your computer
and on any other machine if the specified system has all the
dependencies installed. The foremost one (as you mentioned) is the
.NET framework (the version must be greater than or equal to the one
used to build the application).
As you mentioned, you are using Office Imaging app for your
application, so the same must also be available on the host system.

Yes if you have all the dependencies present on a system, you do not
need to install the application; however, installation helps in cases
where you are distributing the application and you do not know whether
the potential user's system satisfy all the dependency requirements
and thus you do not want such users to see "fail to run the
application because ..." or "it's not a valid win32 application ....".
Instead, the installer automatically installs the required


On 3/25/10, Donald Marang <donald.marang@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I have an alpha version of my QuickOCR application ready to post to a
personal website. It was written in Visual Basic .Net using Visual Studio 2008. It is meant to be a quick and dirty method to efficiently OCR screen snapshots and files. Currently it relies on the Microsoft Office Document
Imageing (MODI) tools in Office 2003 and 2007.  It does more than I
expected, like MODI officially only supports MDI and some TIFF files. In
practice, it handles many others.

I would appreciate feedback and I have a few design and deployment
questions.  The source is at:

There is an "QuickOCREnhancements.rtf" file that lists the known
deficiencies and expresses my future ideas for this application.

I have not figured out the strange Publish options in Visual Studio.  It
clearly provides for deployment from a CD or an IIS web server. The most common deployment, a single executable setup file copied or downloaded from anywhere is not so clear. Could someone give me some pointers or direction?

I have not created Windows applications in over a decade.  What are the
advantages to having the application installed and involved in the registry fiasco vs just a stand-alone application? Is it possible to have a simple Windows application with a Graphical User Interface which does not require installation? How is this done? Is the executable in the Debug directory useable elsewhere on my computer? Can it be distributed to other computers? I assume at the least, .Net 3.5 must be installed on their computer. Would
this be different if the application had no interface, just command line

I have a design layout question as well, but perhaps that should be a
separate message.

Don Marang

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