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Bash? Sounds violent. I better not teach that to my kids. <grin>

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Sounds great. I am gonna have to teach bash to my kids, and this sounds like a 
useful tool. Please send it my way.


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On Tue, 2010-03-30 at 08:52 -0400, Chris Hofstader wrote:


Project GNU has published a book on using the command line in UNIX like 
operating systems. It is based on bash, which is pretty well the standard shell 
these days. It starts assuming that the user knows nothing and teaches commands 
like ls but then moves into more complicated subjects.

I can send a PDF to anyone who wants it and it can be converted to text for 
people who prefer that. It  can be posted it on any of the web sites where 
people on this list  have other docs as long as it has its license attached.

So, who wants it?

Happy Hacking,



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