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Anyone running vinux or any other debian flavor including any of the ubuntus 
can get lots of useful documentation for new users by aptitude install 
debian-reference-en for the english version.  A command like aptitude install 
debian-reference-es would install the spanish version.  Once that's on the 
system a user or root can run the command debian-reference and have it bring up 
sensible browser and load the documentation automatically.  Of course for 
slackware has revised slackware documentation and every 
slackware distro comes with the slackbook package users may install once they 
find it on the CDs.  Another package for all debian flavors to download is 
doc-linux-text or doc-linux-html and that brings down the material found out on 
linux documentation project web site.  That then lives in and under 
/usr/share/doc/doc-linux-text/ for those interested in some reading. 

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Do you think this book should be included by default in Linux distros
for the blind?  We're considering adding some documentation for new
users in the Vinux distro.  Also, please send me a copy.

Even better than a book would be an interactive tutorial for the blind
that leads them through the learning process... of course I'm really
just dreaming here.


On Tue, Mar 30, 2010 at 8:57 AM, coscell <coscell@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> I want. Please send to me. Thanks!
> On Tue, 30 Mar 2010, Chris Hofstader wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Project GNU has published a book on using the command line in UNIX like 
>> operating systems. It is based on bash, which is pretty well the standard 
>> shell these days. It starts assuming that the user knows nothing and teaches 
>> commands like ls but then moves into more complicated subjects.
>> I can send a PDF to anyone who wants it and it can be converted to text for 
>> people who prefer that. It  can be posted it on any of the web sites where 
>> people on this list  have other docs as long as it has its license attached.
>> So, who wants it?
>> Happy Hacking,
>> cdh
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