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Here is the link to the GNU store: While 
there, you can click on "Make PDF" and you will get one for download.

The FSF Membership Director and I are starting to work with Floss Manuals to 
get no cost versions of all of their catalogue available for those of us with 
print impairments.

Again, if anyone wants me to send it to them directly, please write to me 
off-list and I'll send it along.

Happy Hacking,

On Mar 30, 2010, at 8:54 AM, Johannes Grib wrote:

> Yes please?
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> Hi,
> Project GNU has published a book on using the command line in UNIX like 
> operating systems. It is based on bash, which is pretty well the standard 
> shell these days. It starts assuming that the user knows nothing and teaches 
> commands like ls but then moves into more complicated subjects.
> I can send a PDF to anyone who wants it and it can be converted to text for 
> people who prefer that. It  can be posted it on any of the web sites where 
> people on this list  have other docs as long as it has its license attached.
> So, who wants it?
> Happy Hacking,
> cdh
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