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How could I have forgotten Mike??  Sorry Mike.  Now I remember Dr. Faustus, 
too, but he really has not been around much lately.  Wasn't one of these 
guys a NYC Policeman?  Seems I remember him with a new baby several years 
ago and the way time gets away from me he is probably in Grade School by now 
(or Middle School).
Thanks for the update G.
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> Shoot, I thought YOU were in charge of that, Bob!       ;)
> Sandi,
>    As far as I'm aware it's currently KBC, Señor Troth, Mike, Cris, the
> seriously MIA DktrFaustus (the man who literally wrote the book on PCTT) 
> and
> myself.
>    If things get any busier behind the scenes, Bob may have to bring in
> some more bouncers.   heh heh
> Peace,
> Gman
> http://www.bornagainamerican.org
> "The only dumb questions are the ones we fail to ask"

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