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Given that you have a fairly firm prediction
about rates of growth (3GB per month) I
would set an extent size that allowed me to
see if the rate diverged too rapidly from the
expected level.

At 1GB extents, you can get a report every
10 days that an extent has been added - not
too frequent, not so far apart that you might
forget about checking.  You might want to
think about testing allocation time at this
size (it shouldn't be large on LMTs) and
if it is surprisingly large, pre-allocate some
hours ahead of schedule at an off-peak
time (if you have one).

(I usually go for 1 extent per month - but
I feel queasy at 3GB extents, for no scientific
reason at all).


Jonathan Lewis
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Thanks for the discussions regarding the max # of extents.
Any take on uniform extent allocation? Thanks.


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