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From the version 9.2 Reference Manual:

 Default value
 Derived from tablespace default storage or DB_BLOCK_SIZE initialization
I was thinking that "Unlimited" actually corresponds to 2 billion.  In any
case it is a lot and probably more than enough for most shops.

HTH -- Mark D Powell --

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So the suggestion would be to move it to its
own tablespace with uniform extent allocation?
What is Oracle 9i's limit as far as the number
of extents in a table? Thanks.
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In the first place, I would consider moving the
object out of the current tablespace (or move
everything else out of the tablespace) because
it sounds like nothing else should be sharing that
tablespace.  (Consider the problem of recovering
the entire tablespace because one of the other tables
gets a corrupt block - if you can't take advantage
of rman block level recovery).

Secondly, at 3GB per month, I would consider
partitioning the table at something like one partition
per month - thus making your question moot.

It sounds like your object is still using 64MB
extents - it would be interesting to see if there
is another step size when you hit a total of 64GB,
or whether you keep going at 50 extents per month.

I suspect the problems you __might__ get from having
2,000 extents are much less significant than the problems
you __might__ get if you have a 100GB segment by the end
of next year.


Jonathan Lewis
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