Re: How to generate a lot of load on an Oracle database?

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why not use iometer and have it cycle through with a queue depth. After a certain interval of time, it adds to the queue depth and reruns the test. You'll be able to get the IOPS from it. Sooner or later you will come to a point where the IOPS levels off and then starts degrading. If the backend is a clariion, you can try with the caching turned on for the Lun or off. You don't get that control on a DMX though.
I was at an EMC conference a while back and they discussed the tools they use and bonnie and had problems. They said iometer did a better job of measuring. Of course they had their own tool but it's not available for us mere mortals :)

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We need to test the maximum I/O throughput of our SAN storage system and therefore need an Oracle database to generate so much load that there is an I/O bottleneck. Does anybody out there have open source tools or Oracle scripts for that?

This is 9.2 on HP-UX 11i and EMC Clariion.

...use Orion
( and
make sure the files are larger  than the array cache. I go over array
testing a bit in this paper



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