Re: How to generate a lot of load on an Oracle database?

  • From: Sandeep Dubey <dubey.sandeep@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: cichomitiko@xxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Fri, 18 Nov 2005 13:34:09 -0500

You can also write a stored procedure that insert data in to table(s).
You  can make it run in loop for given number of iterations or time.
To increase further load call it through dbms_job for n number in a
loop to run in n sessions.


Sandeep Dubey

On 11/18/05, Radoulov, Dimitre <cichomitiko@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> >>> We need to test the maximum I/O throughput of our SAN storage system and
> therefore need an Oracle database to generate so much load that >>> there is
> an I/O bottleneck. Does anybody out there have open source tools or Oracle
> scripts for that?
> Just an idea (quick and dirty): there are a couple of sql scripts to
> generate "load" that Oracle provides with the VMware/Linux/Oracle RAC image
> demo kit for the EM Advisors presentation that may be usefull.
> Regards,
> Dimitre Radoulov

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