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I had a similar experience at the public university I worked for.

But one thing that nobody mentions is that since you are doing *everything* 
(from Dba, to programmer, to networking, to Operating System, to applications 
design, database design) it's a great place to learn a ton of skills.  You 
learn everything at these lower paying jobs (benefits are usually great).  And 
then you can move on with your skill set greatly enhanced.

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Ten years ago I left my DBA position at a public college after they decided I 
was overpaid and froze my salary for 8 years and reduced my benefits.  My next 
DBA gig was a 20 percent increase in salary and my boss apologized for starting 
me at the low end of the scale for the company.

Overall, it was a relaxed atmosphere as long as you didn't cross one of the 
deans.  On the other hand I was expected to work 6 days a week, 10 hour days so 
they wouldn't have to hire another DBA  We had tuition completely paid for 
employees and their immediate family but since I had no children it wasn't as 
much of a benefit for me as it was other people.  I also was expected to do 
more than just DBA work--operations, programming, SA, running cable and 
installing PCs, etc.

Check thoroughly what you would be expected to do for the money.

Transzap, Inc.

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