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        That college north of me put $36K on the table and then upped it
to $46K which was "as high as they could go since this was NH not Mass".

Dick Goulet
Senior Oracle DBA

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Let me share some real numbers since nobody gave one. I work in a
public university in the mid-west US, a mid-class neighborhood house
of 2000 square feet would be about $200K so you all know the cost of
living here.

DBA salary in my university would range from 60K to 100K, depends on
your experience and if you have any management duties such as team
lead, etc. Plus this, you get 10 holidays, and 27 to 33 days of
vacation/sick time (these 2 are not separated). Retirement plans
include pension and one additional defined contribution plan. There
are also some discounted tuition available for the employee but not
much for direct family member. Work environment is mostly relaxed, but
could also be stressful depends on what project you are working on and
what kind of people you have to deal with. In situations that affected
production systems, you could work overnight with no sleep.

Now if anyone can share their numbers from the industry area, that
would be great! :-) so that I know how much I under-sold myself... :)

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