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> A great and informative description on what this machine can do. The
> subcontracter mentioned, was that a US company, as I have seen the same
> styles machines pop-up as Seleco's (they did some of the older Vidikron's
> well).
> 1997, so a late model/production date for this machine.
> http://curtpalme.com/Zenith900.shtm
> Hi Donald,
> Thanks, you're right, that is the basic projector. I knew Runco started by
> modifying Zenith projectors but didn't know this was one of them. And yes,
> component inputs are RGB HV.
> And just for your infomation, I'm giving it away because even at $500 no
> seems to want to buy it.
> Barry Willis

Hi Barry,

Well, in the US market 500 USD is definitly too high for this machine. In
Europe prices tend to be higher, as supply is more limited. But demand for
anything less than 8" machines seem to be quite slow in the US. A Sony
125x/127x can be had for half that price, all depending on tube condition.
Overhere there are not too many Zenith's, AMPRO's, Runco's, Mitsubishi's or
even NEC's, so that makes them a bit harder to sell, as parts aren't as
prevalent as for Barco's and Sony's.

Recently met a guy on-line who had been able to get a Sony 127x machine (3k
hours) for free from some university that was going to dump it in the skip,
as they didn't know what to do with it.

So any-one overhere want to get rid of their 70/80 Kg monster...

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