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  • Date: Mon, 2 Oct 2006 13:33:33 EDT


I'm looking for a good home for my Runco DTV-852 3-gun CRT video projector. 
It was $15,000 retail when new in 1997. It has an internal line doubler that's 
active when using the S-Video input, also the input with the best color and 
black level. It also has component video and sync inputs on BNC connectors.

It has plenty of useful life left -- it can still create movie magic in a 
pitch dark room. It needs an 80" wide 16:9 screen at about 99" from the center 
lens. (Focus, throw distance, and other parameters aren't adjustable without a 
visit from a Runco technician, about $400 minimum.)  It can't be moved once set 
up -- it must be in a fixed position for the best image quality. A disparity 
of less than two inches can throw off the focus, convergence, and linearity.

I have the owner's manual, setup remote and operating remote. I also have a 
16:9 snap screen for rear-projection use and can set up the projector for rear 

I'd love to donate it to a needy arts organization and will happily deliver 
and help set it up within any reasonable distance of San Francisco, provided 
that's the last I hear of it. No tech support: you take it, it's yours. Takers 
need to be aware of its limitations: it's big, heavy, delicate, and has no 
external adjustments. 

Here's a link to my last ad with a picture and more description:


First serious inquiry gets it. Take my dinosaur - please?


Barry Willis

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