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  • From: "John Shutt" <shuttj@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Mon, 20 Dec 2004 10:04:44 -0500


Believe it.  You can see this phenomenon all the time on any of the Standard 
Definition digitally delivered programming services such as DirecTV, Dish 
Network, or digital cable where they squeeze the programming into 1 Mbps or 
less.  Heads are constantly surrounded by (and this is a semi-official 
description of the effect) clouds of bees that simply aren't there in 
uncompressed digital video.  For a repeatable and reliable demonstration of 
this effect, look at the ticker crawl at the bottom of the screen on MSNBC 
on DirecTV.

As for the Blu-Ray DVD, I don't know if 1080p24 is a display resolution in 
WM9 or AVC.  I do know that it does not exist in the infamous ATSC Table 3 
of formats.  That table tops out at 1080i30

John Shutt

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From: "Tom Barry" <trbarry@xxxxxxxxxxx>

> Sorry, I do not believe it is just compression artifacts though I admit
> the possibility.  And all my comments about 1080p have been prefaced
> with the qualification that sufficient (not equal) bit rate was available.
> At any bit rate and codec there is probably a sweet spot resolution.
> But my hope for 1080p was based upon blue laser DVD with maybe 30 GB on
> a blu ray or dual layer HD-DVD, using WM9 or AVC.  That should be enough
> for 1080p and I really hope they use it.
> - Tom

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