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  • Date: Tue, 21 Dec 2004 13:48:44 -0500

Craig Birkmaier

> > Craig talks about "economics," but doesn't bother to
> > explain what the issue is.
> Economics...
> The "bell" in the curve is not at the high end of the
> market. And HD is an application, not the lowest
> common denominator of commercial television.
> See the IDC story I posted this morning.

You continue to miss the obvious.

For the nth time, as long as *all* digital TV receivers
are signal-compatible with *all* HD and SD modes, what
mode is transmitted is of *no consequence* to the price
of the receiver. None whatever.

It is pointless for an HD-DVD manufacturer to use
anything less than a 1080-line mode unless there's a
problem with disk capacity.

Ditto for the broadcaster.

HD is to video as hifi is to audio. It's totally
pointless for an FM station to transmit 50 Hz to 5000 Hz
audio, with < 30 dB of dynamic range. (Unless a
particular recording or ad does this for effect.)

Imagine how ridiculous it would be for an FM station
manager to justify transmitting crappy audio on the
basis of "most boom boxes out there can't tell the
difference." The obvious retort being, "So what? What
do you have to lose if you transmit the full audio

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