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>     - Surveys -
>          - A Comcast survey of 750 TV households
> conducted by International Communications Research
> between November 17 and November 22 found that 49%
> said "HDTV would be a critical component of their
> ULTIMATE home entertainment experience" (which means
> 51% didn't), and 43% "said they do not expect to
> ever buy a standard television again" (which means
> 57% do):
> =
> 5-2004/0002633885&EDATE=3D>

Or, more likely, the 51 percent or 57 percent either
didn't know or didn't care. As CRTs give way to LCDs,
many next TV sets will be at least ED quality, like
it or not.

But I found this partcular bit of wisdom from that
site very informative indeed.


    To help address these and other questions
consumers may have as they shop for HDTV sets, Comcast
is sharing the following tips to help consumers with
their HD buying decisions this holiday season:


     -- Select the right resolution for your set size.
        1080i resolution provides a better picture on
        larger screens, while 720p resolution is better
        suited for smaller screens.
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