[openbeosnetteam] Some admin stuff

  • From: "Jean Schwerer" <j-schwerer@xxxxxxx>
  • To: openbeosnetteam@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Fri, 9 Nov 2001 00:27:07 +0100


Michael Phipps asked for a couple of things. While he says he only sent the 
email to the team 
leads I guess you're all interested by some part of the email so quotation 

[begin quote]
I would like to try to update source control once per month from now on. What 
that means is 
that the best code we can lay our hands on that builds (later, this will be 
works) should go into 
source control around the end of the month. Many people are becoming 
discouraged because we 
have nothing in source control. We *do* have code. No one can see it. I, too, 
would prefer to keep 
everything local until I am 100% satisfied with it. But losing people over it 
is not worth it.
[end quote]

We haven't gotten to "milestone" a list of events and give our milestones 
timestamps yet. So it 
should be a good time to start doing so :o)
Milestone # - Priority (1-5, 1 = highest) - Ending Date - Description - Person 
in charge - Difficulty
1 - 1 - ASAP - Turning B header files into a dummy C program with empty pluggin 
functions (aka 
building empty cpp files :P) - Zenja - ?
2 - 2 - ASAP - Testing a lib build *and loading* based on the previous "dummy C 
program" - 
Zenja? - ?
3 - 1 - ASAP, needed for next monthly source control update - Reimplementing 
the Be Network 
API (sourcewise) based on sockets - Jean (aka myself) - Easy :oP (I guess and 
hope so...)
4 - 2 - End of november - Comparing the layout (http://www.profuzion.org/en/
openbeos_net_team/netlayer_layout.html) Dmitri drawed based on bone.txt (I know 
where you 
get your inspiration from :P)  against the R5 NON BONE net_server libs model. - 
??? (any 
taker?)??? - Medium difficulty ?
5 - 1 - Test driver interfacing: build a sample program that sends dummy data 
to the network 
card and stupidly prints to stdout incoming network traffic received by the 
card. To be tested 
using another machine running some sniffing program - ??? (any taker?)??? - ???

Any thoughts about that? Any taker for the two last milestones? Any other 
milestone to add (we'll add non-urgent milestones to the list later on)? Any 
comments on the 
current milestones?

Can you please all make sure you have a sourceforge account and let me know 
your sourceforge 
identity? Thanks. I have your email addresses but sourceforge ids would be cool 
for me to have 
too :o) If you don't have a sourceforge account, you really should consider 
creating one ^_^

Last but not least, the "old guys" on this list have to welcome a couple of 
- Erik Reid, from...?, well I don't know where from ^_^
- Francesco Salvestrini (Francesco, I noticed you subscribed to the Mailing 
List with a different 
email address than the one Michael gave me, which one do you prefer me to 
use?), from Italia?
- Robson Braga Araujo, from Brazil?


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