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  • Date: Fri, 9 Nov 2001 07:46:22 +0100

I have some lack of time and must answer some previous maisl but I'd like to
tell you I'm already working on driver interfacing :-p
Good news no ?
You can assign me this one, I love sniffin' :-)


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> Hello,
> Michael Phipps asked for a couple of things. While he says he only sent
the email to the team
> leads I guess you're all interested by some part of the email so quotation
> [begin quote]
> I would like to try to update source control once per month from now on.
What that means is
> that the best code we can lay our hands on that builds (later, this will
be works) should go into
> source control around the end of the month. Many people are becoming
discouraged because we
> have nothing in source control. We *do* have code. No one can see it. I,
too, would prefer to keep
> everything local until I am 100% satisfied with it. But losing people over
it is not worth it.
> [end quote]
> We haven't gotten to "milestone" a list of events and give our milestones
timestamps yet. So it
> should be a good time to start doing so :o)
> Milestone # - Priority (1-5, 1 = highest) - Ending Date - Description -
Person in charge - Difficulty
> 1 - 1 - ASAP - Turning B header files into a dummy C program with empty
pluggin functions (aka
> building empty cpp files :P) - Zenja - ?
> 2 - 2 - ASAP - Testing a lib build *and loading* based on the previous
"dummy C program" -
> Zenja? - ?
> 3 - 1 - ASAP, needed for next monthly source control update -
Reimplementing the Be Network
> API (sourcewise) based on sockets - Jean (aka myself) - Easy :oP (I guess
and hope so...)
> 4 - 2 - End of november - Comparing the layout
> openbeos_net_team/netlayer_layout.html) Dmitri drawed based on bone.txt (I
know where you
> get your inspiration from :P)  against the R5 NON BONE net_server libs
model. - ??? (any
> taker?)??? - Medium difficulty ?
> 5 - 1 - Test driver interfacing: build a sample program that sends dummy
data to the network
> card and stupidly prints to stdout incoming network traffic received by
the card. To be tested
> using another machine running some sniffing program - ??? (any
taker?)??? - ???
> Any thoughts about that? Any taker for the two last milestones? Any other
> milestone to add (we'll add non-urgent milestones to the list later on)?
Any comments on the
> current milestones?
> Can you please all make sure you have a sourceforge account and let me
know your sourceforge
> identity? Thanks. I have your email addresses but sourceforge ids would be
cool for me to have
> too :o) If you don't have a sourceforge account, you really should
consider creating one ^_^
> Last but not least, the "old guys" on this list have to welcome a couple
of newcomers:
> - Erik Reid, from...?, well I don't know where from ^_^
> - Francesco Salvestrini (Francesco, I noticed you subscribed to the
Mailing List with a different
> email address than the one Michael gave me, which one do you prefer me to
use?), from Italia?
> - Robson Braga Araujo, from Brazil?
> Jean

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